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Born Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, his fans know him as Vector.

According to him, because of his effort and skill in music, Vector has been celebrated as one of the best underground rap artistes in Lagos.

In 1999, he formed a Hip-Hop group, Badder Boiz. in the same year, they started writing their songs and performing at some major events. The whole exercise was to showcase their raw talents and gain exposure. The group recorded their first demo series in 1999.

However, Vector was going the way of an M.C as his freestyle skills became obvious to other members of the group. So it was not surprising when in 2004, Krystal left the group due to irreconcilable differences. Blaze also left, leaving Vector glued to his dream.

Vector is a rap artiste cum lyricist, a songwriter and a producer. He performed at the Channel ‘O’ Lagos Party held at the Vaults.
In 2009, he was the voice behind the Sprite commercial air on most radio stations across Nigeria.
His new singles:Throwing Away (My Sorrow) and Na U are presently rocking the air wave and his yet to release his new video, Angeli featuring 9ice, directed by Clarence Peters and will be released into the market soon.

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