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JRB is a group of 3 Nigerians, who started their journey back in Leadcity University Ibadan JCruiz, Reckon and Benj [JRB] came together as a group in 2015 after some solo singles back to back.

After dropping different singles individually, JRB as a group dropped their first debut “Jaiye”a party jam that’ll keep you entertained and relaxed after a busy work day. On ‘Jaiye” they hired the professionalism of hit Producer, D-Tunes.

The visuals was also released featuring guest appearances by Que Peller, Baseone , Valtino . JRB has released a total of four songs so far, 1) Jaiye 2) Chioma 3) Hold it 4) NA man you be .

Hold it features an american artiste and was released on Valentines day as a gift to all JRB fans. The visuals of Na man you be was shot in Johannesburg South Africa and was just released and getting massive airplay across Nigeria.

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