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Lanre Dabiri aka eLDee the Don is the founder of Trybe Records. A music producer, recording artist, and a qualified architect. Born May 23rd and raised in Kaduna, a city in Northern Nigeria, eLDees love for music and the arts started at a very young age.

In 1998, eLDee and his high school friend, Kaboom teamed up with Freestyle, and the group Trybesmen was formed. Subsequently, eLDee founded his own independent label (Trybe Records) to support the group, and took the Nigerian music scene by storm with two hits in 1999; Trybal Marks and Shake Bodi. Trybesmens debut album L.A.G. Style was a massive hit and still a cult-classic. eLDee, as the head of Trybesmen and Trybe Records, re-engineered what has now become the music genre most call Afro-hip hop/Afro-pop. With Trybesmens undeniably incredible blend of Afro beat, Reggae, Highlife and hip hop, and over 78 sold-out shows in one year, it was no surprise that Trybesmen became a force to be reckoned with across West Africa.

eLDee writes and produces most of his music, and owns all rights to his works through his reign of over a decade. His much-anticipated album Big Boy was released early 2009 and was tagged an instant classic. The album includes monster hits such as "Bosi Gbangba" and "Big Boy". The Big Boy album has received 17 nominations in different categories of various award shows including best video, best album, best cinematography, hottest single, best album, best artist and the most recent MOBO award nomination for "Best African artist".

Radio and video charts have been incomplete without eLDee and he still stands as one of the most promising Nigerian artists on the scene today.

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