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my name is Rueben Karpeh born on the 15 of December 1988 to mr Joseph karpeh and Mrs sharley both from Monrovia city (Liberia). I spent the better part of my child hood and teenage hood in Nigeria Ogun State before moving to Australia at 17 years of age where my dad brother lived with my younger brother and sisters the time. I come from a large family of 10. which I'm the 4th born to the list from my Dad side. The first born to my mum. My parents are both separated. my dad has 7 children of which I'm the second to the last child. my mum has six children, three boys and three girls of which I'm the first child and the first daughter. I grew up with my grandmother from the age of 1 till
I was 10 to 16 before I moved out of the country.
I attended Gbagba primary school in Zwedru. ( Liberia)
In Ogun State (Nigeria)
I attended Lagunce
Secondary College for my secondary education.
Before moving to Australia.
I also attached
Cyril Jackson senior high school for my high school education.

music to me is the simplest cure to emotional and psychological sicknesses. i have been singing in the choir. since I was about 10 years old and was always happy to sing at church activities and in the church choir. However, I never thought I would be a singer but my future dreams for my self was to become either a personal trainer because of my my body type. My wake up call moment really was when I first went to a studio for the very first time. it was just a local studio operated by a friend.
I connected so well with the music, I was able to express a lot of things I felt inside and everything that walked into the studio on that day had words in their mouth to say about how I was singing.
In my music life I have won 3 good awards from my community in Australia.
I continued to sing from there and here i am, an Afro Pop Artist.
Am so grateful to God.

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