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My birth names are AGWUNOBI NONSO EDWIN(Music/Stage name: Rhyme Deep). I am 28year old, single and from Nigeria West Africa. I am a graduate, studied Linguistics and communication studies(B.A) from the University of Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria. By profession, I am a Nigerian Recording/ Performing artiste, Rapper and a Songwriter. My genre of music is classified as Nigeria HipHop/ Rap(better known as Naija Hop) and Afro HipHop. Previously, I was signed to Fahrenheit Records(2006-2008), but after my contract with them expired in 2008, I refused extending my contract with them because they lack direction and doesn't really have the interest and growth of their artistes in heart; on path of building, establishing and launching an artiste into the National and International music scene, instead they were more interested in reaping off artiste from the little promotional sacrifices they were willing to indulge their finance into. For 2years i was signed to the label, they were not able to record me an album, even the couple of singles i recorded and released then were not properly promoted and other stuffs i don't wanna go into details, that was why i terminated my contract in May 2008. After that i have been working independently, though in year 2009 i went into a management deal with Just-so-u-know Entertainment(2009-2012), during the period which which i recorded and released a mixtape(HipHop, Me and the Mic: 2010) and a 13track EP Album(Saturation: 2012). After the expiration of the management deal in 2012, 2013 i recorded couple of singles and another mixtape(Saturation the Free-tape: 2013) which was promote and released online. Currently, i am working and putting a finishing touch to another EP Album tittled "Minna Experience" to be released towards ending of this year. From this upcoming EP, I have shot a music video for the track NAIJA BOY, and also have gone into marketing, radio and online promotion of couple of my singles off the Minna Experience EP Album.

My direction musically, is to one day become a National(Nigeria), Regional(Africa) and International music phenomenon. To create and have a music presence that is felt across the globe. And also to secure a music management and record label deal with any major record label and artiste management company that will manage, support, sponsor, A&R, promote and establish my career as a professional artist and shoot my to the mainstream industry. Since music is a multi million naira project especially in Nigeria, where if u don't have the millions to spend on video shoots, media promotion and other needed promotional packages, no one is whole-heartily willing to hear or promote your song/ material.

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