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A.k.a Tha Suspect was born and raised in Lagos; he spent his early days on the streets of Orishe Ikeja. He hails from Akwa Ibom State. Young David lost his parents at a tender age and grew up struggling to make ends meet with his five other siblings.

He grew up listening to different genres of music and was greatly inspired by the Funk era. His earlier musical influences included Shalamar, Kool and The Gang, Roger Troutsman, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade to mention a few. While in primary school, young David alongside other members of the school band would sneak back to the rehearsal room after school hours, compose and experiment with all types of musical instruments. As he grew older, he became part of several musical groups namely the Brotherhood and later on a gospel group called Tha Praise Brothers.

Incidentally, David grew up in the same neighborhood as film genius Clarence Peters. Both formed a strong bond of friendship and developed each other's skill over the coming years. They worked on various creative projects which include developing original motion picture soundtracks for various home videos, radio jingles/adverts and audio production/engineering.

Eventually, his gospel group parted ways and Tha Suspect moved on to becoming a solo recording artist. He went on to horn his production and song writing skills, alongside notable producers like Dr Frabs, ID Cabasa, Puffy Tee etc. He remained self funded all through the period, paying his dues in a totally structure less Nigerian music industry.

His childhood friend Clarence Peters returned from a three year trip to film school in South Africa and hooked up with Tha Suspect once again. Together, they laid the foundation blocks of one of Nigeria's vibrant music label, CAPITAL HILL.

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