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Maytronomy was born Henry Nonso Enebeli in Nigeria. He grew up both in the Capital city Abuja and also in Lagos. After many years of being inspired by masters of creativity such as 2pac, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and few others, Maytronomy fell in love with the art of lyricism and started writing his own songs in 1999. Being impressed by the works of certain Nigerian Emcees, Maytronomy decided to man up by stepping into the studio to record his first single “U Aint Ready” in 2003. His most popular songs in Nigeria include; “Wetin you dey feel like”, “Must To Get It” and the dance floor banger “Its Going Down”. He has worked with a host of some of Nigeria’s top musicians(M.I. Jesse Jaggz, 5Mics and Dj Atte,etc). His ability to collaborate with a variety of artists makes him evidently versatile. As of 2013; Maytronomy is under “Greeen Lyght Entertainment”. He has released two solo tracks; “Ekabo” and “Ori mi gbona”. Working on solo material hasn’t affected his creative contributions to other artists’ work; and he has continued to be featured on songs with both established and upcoming acts from Nigeria.

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