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JAH BLESS emerge from the streets of Lagos, born Olatunde Owoloye Olumoroti popularly known on stage as JAH BLESS (God Bless, He who God has blessed), was born in Lagos but he's ancestors hails from Ondo State. He has been doing what he knows to do best for almost a decade now although the face was invisible to many people but the brand has been a household name ever since.

An epitome of distinction, an outstanding music style un-likened to any other, a unique vocal signature and lyrics laced with the rasp use of inventive street vocabulary that excites the senses. This words best describe the artistic persona of Jahbless.

Born Owoloye Oluwabukunmi olatunde, jahbless has evolved to the quintessence of a new sound bound to establish its dominant stature, a blend of Hip Hop/Dance hall influences. He started off his career into music in 2002, as a member of a musical group called “Melodyz��

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  5 tracks, 18 minutes
01 2:14
02 3:44
03 4:06
04 3:28
05 3:59