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My name is Nkwachukwa Augustine George M. in which the abbreviation “NK” Derived from my native name “Nkwachukwa” which form my stage/Art Name: ”NK
I came from the family of eight, I am a Delta boy from Umoshomi Onicha-Igbo Village, but I was born and brought up in Lagos-Surulere, I did my Nursery at Tender land Nursery/Primary School in the year 1989-1991. Then my Primary School at Penny Private School at Surulere Lagos and later change to Umoru Memorial Primary School at Coker Surulere Lagos from 1992-1998.
I did my secondary Schooling at Government College Eric-Moore at Surulere and later round up my senior waec and Sari-IGanmu Secondary School Lagos. From (1998-2004) I did my Higher Institution at Ibadan Polytechnic, Saki-Campus at Oyo State, in which I studied accounting. I was admitted to the institution in the year 2005 and Graduated in the year 2008 with my ‘OND’ certificate.
Firstly, I found out i was talented in creativities, before putting myself up to become a musician and an artist because I notice I have the ability to carry on this process, I started my musical activities in the year 1994 when I was 8 years old. And I realized again that I can also do some artwork without been taught any were. My inspiration comes through the power of the Holy Spirit from God Almighty in Heaven. When I was in SS2 at Sari-Iganmu Secondary School, I met someone called ‘Sikiru’ an artist also know as Tee-Bee, in which we later formed a group called (Skr Boys) meaning surviving key rappers, and we began writing lyrics together. For some time when we are together we now invited another person called ‘Ibukunoluwa Ojo’ know as I.B.K, and we go to show together. But eventually we separated peacefully because of some reason, the reason is that I got admission to higher institution and I.B.K too who study (Electrical-Electronic) at Lasu-Lagos State University, for this reason made us to lack time for rehearsal and it made our group unable to have shows. We later came together and separated peacefully, the incident in the year 2005. In the year 2006 I recorded an album title (Fire Born) it was release in the same year, but unfortunately I did not distribute it nationwide, I was still on undergraduate. My first album was launch at Surulere in the year (2008) I released another album title (TEBEGWU) meaning dance. And I was encouraged by some colleague. The album was launch at National Theater Surulure Lagos. Then, I now decided to move from my father house to Lekki, because I was into an artwork business at “Lekki” where artworks is been valued, and through this area God began to blessed me, he prospered me, he guards me, and I later convert to be a Gospel artist, and I
started to write new songs for God as you can listen to it in my album right now.

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